Saturday, 13 April 2013

 Today beloved readers we arose to a bright & sunny day, feeling in good spirits we headed off to our local carboot in search of rare collectables, and to be honest with you things were a little thin on the ground, and then, we found these little beauties. Three East German Bakelite factory wall clocks in the modernist style.
 So if you live in East Germany, own a factory...
 And are looking for a modernist Bakelite clock to go on your wall, please contact us.
No time wasters please.
Thank you very much indeed.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

 Beloved readers, here we have a small selection of our latest and very important finds. All of our finds are naturally of museum quality and go to some of the most influential homes in the country.
Let's begin with this huge slide projector for projecting huge slides.
 What a whopper!
 Three terribly rare Roy Lichtenstein thunderbolts.
 A superb Mr Punch of the highest quality.
 Isn't he magnificent?
 Fear not beloved readers, these are not long range nuclear missiles but organ pipes, we have a large quantity of these this week in various shapes and sizes, so if you have or know someone who has a faulty organ please contact us.
And lastly two splendidly distressed garden chairs, probably early B&Q circa 1985.
Thank you very much indeed.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

 Beloved readers, a little while ago we published photo's of our latest and most monstrous workbench so far. As you can see from the two pictures below we're rather pleased with the end result.
 Beautiful patina don't you think?
 And although we rarely tread over old ground, it bought to mind some of the gorgeous workbenches we've had in the past. Here dearest beloved readers are a small selection.

 The one above was believe it or not eventually bought by an interior designer and graces the home of some posh nob in Chelsea.
 This beauty was purchased by a chum and sits proudly in his kitchen.
 Look at this shine!
I haven't got a clue where this one went, and quite frankly I couldn't give a toss.
Thank you very much indeed.