Saturday, 22 December 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, as I was sitting in my beautiful launderette last evening pondering the meaning of life, I suddenly thought of all those silly people rushing off to their local super monster megastore to spend hundreds of pounds on crap they don't need for this festive period.
Why not go to your local shop and purchase a few things to feed you and your loved ones instead?
Local shop you say, what's that? Well here are a few splendid example.

Thank you so much.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

 Good morning beloved readers...
 With the weather being so beastly and the lure of a warm cosy bed and splendid book so powerful...
 It was decided to give the market a miss today, leave the capitalist pigs to their own devices, let them devour what's left of anything decent in our fair city and settle down to a nice read.
Thank you so much.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, it's Bill the cat here asking you if you enjoy a tramp in the woods in these cold winter months. It's important to wear the correct footwear whilst naturally looking stylish at the same time.
 Simply purchase these splendid boots at Spitalfields antiques market on this Thursday before Christmas and you could stand out from the crowd on your regular jaunt on Boxing day.
 Hurry now as we've only got the one pair, and we expect demand to be high.
Thank you very much.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hello there beloved readers, that's a shapely ankle...
 And thats a very slender leg....
 Another lovely slender leg..
 A nice rounded seat..
 And a gorgeous back...

Yes it's that Ercol moment once again, and we've got loads of it this week.

 We've also got this scrummy sexy sinuous sixties side table.
 And these gorgeous arts and craft prints

 Hmmm...nice label.
Ending with our favourite, this beautiful textile of unknown origin.
Thank you so much.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

 These splendid images beloved readers were sent to us by a devoted fan of The Bugle recently, these beautiful architecturally designed chairs were once ugly old trees, that stood proudly in the landscape obscuring row of garages, it was decided to remove the trees but instead of getting rid of them completely, the stumps were made into these wonderful thrones...
Who can this person be who posses such talent, style and imagination? Maybe a designer or even an architect? Don't you think that diamond shape cut into the back of the smaller chair could be improved upon? Just imagine how delightful it would look if you put a little UPVC window in it, or even a tiny solar panel that could warm your arse when you shat, sorry! sat upon it.
That's all for now beloved readers, I think I'm going to throw up.
Thank you very much.

Monday, 10 December 2012

 Once again good morning to you beloved readers, as you can see the bric a brac tree has flowered early this year and presented us with a few choice fruits starting above with a splendid appartment block...
 A delightful red train.
 A novelty handmade horse racing game.
 Looks like Number one is going to win by a nose...
 After the race clear the horse manure with this large enamelled mug and brush. (It's advisable to rinse it out after if you fancy a cup of tea).
 Upper class footwear on some nice old steps.
 Groovy trendy funky retro furniture and lighting.
 A nice cardi.
And an even nicer french waistcoat.
That's yer lot, right off to work the lot of you!
Thank you so much.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

 Thinking of downsizing? Or looking to re-locate to a nicer area? Then why not pop along this Thursday to Spitalfields antiques market and view this splendid property, it's of traditional construction but leaning to the moderne, with traces of art deco loveliness.
 Solid timber framed windows (no UPVC crap).
 A magnificent sun terrace.
 More windows...
 Even more bloody windows.
And a nice red roof. Hurry now as demand for this type of property is high!
Thank you so much.

Friday, 7 December 2012

 Beloved readers, your Bugle returns after a short break due to to very important piece of equipment being mislaid (the camera). Here we see a series of rather splendid old beermats produced in the days when one could drink and smoke in gay abandon, as we still do in Bugleland.

Which one is your favourite? Do tell us, we'd love to know.
Thank you so much.