Sunday, 29 September 2013

 Hello beloved readers, yesterday we took a trip to the magical kingdom of bric a brac land and here's what we discovered. Starting with a jolly box...
 And inside that jolly box some carved wooden animals.
 Look carefully and you'll see Mr Noah feeding a sticky bun to a ferocious lion. From this we can surmise that either he has a desire to be torn apart or that he needs to visit his optician. The elephants are to your left Mr Noah.
 A rather charming jug in which my wife has placed some flowers.
 A Victorian painted glass panel of a splendid lighthouse.
 And here we see a delightful sailboat. It might be Mr Noah's ark, although if he continued to try and feed that bun to the lion, Mrs Noah's ark.
A wonderful tapestry depicting a Spanish scene. It's very quiet there, perhaps they've all gone to church or having a siesta, or maybe that bloody lion has escaped!
Thank you very much indeed.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

 For your pleasure today beloved readers we are delighted to present to you a recent purchase..
 A huge piece of studio pottery weighing an absolute ton and depicting what appears to be our moon.
 Just look at the jolly craters! it's almost like something from a 1970's childrens tv program.
And to compliment it a lovely pink pig.
Thank you so much. Goodbye.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

 Beloved readers, this weekend we went on the hunt for rare collectibles, to be more precise kitchen related collectibles, and firstly we found a pair of wooden steps that can be used also as a comfy stool.
 A delightful enamel top cupboard.
 And now for the cream of the crop..
 The Mother Hubbard kitchen cupboard.
 Tamboured door,
 Doors with vents for your fresh produce.
And even the original shopping list still inside. What a joy!
Thank you very much indeed.