Saturday, 1 March 2014

 Hello..what's this?
 Oooo! This looks interesting..
 Goodness me, how exciting!
Where have they gone? It's magic!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

 Mass pandemonium in Bugleland yesterday beloved readers, when a large bright yellow ball was spotted in the sky. What ever can it be people asked themselves?
 Panic ensued, and there was reports from Greggs the bakers as large sausage rolls and economy loaves were vanishing off the shelves as local inhabitants bought in bulk. Bogdan's Bargain Booze had a record day, with very strong sales in super strength lager and cider.
But fear not readers, it's gone as quickly as it came. Thank you.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

 Hello readers, just recently we've been reading about the spiraling house prices in London, and how overseas investors are greedily gobbling up all the properties forcing young people to pay ridiculous amount for grotty old flats and semi's in fashionable parts of town. Our research team have done some important research into how much £350.000 will buy in Bugleland. And here we have a typical four bedroom detached house with garage and spacious garden. Nice but I,m sure you'll agree rather boring.
 On the other hand here's what half a million will get you in Hackney. First up this stunning detached studio apartment with splendid views over the ammonia works.
 Or there's this fantastic 1960's house on a raised concrete plinth. A wonderful example of brutilism.
Lastly this incredible tree house designed by the renowned Danish architect Bent Spanner.
The choice is yours dear readers, but don't hesitate they're selling fast!
Thank you so much.

Monday, 17 February 2014

 Beloved readers, if you switch on the idiot box as we sometimes do you'll notice how all the celebrity chefs are telling us to eat well. Fresh fruit and veg, lean meat and buy organic if you can afford it.
On the other hand we've noticed there's also a campaign by the takeaway mob encouraging us to throw away our saucepans and buy this crap.
 So before you resign your Le Creuset pan and vegetable peeler to the recycling bin, consider what's available to you.
If it's only a small cardiac arrest you'd like to experience, then perhaps you should consider option one.
 Those who seek a more severe cardiac arrest, then perhaps option two.
 And for those who would perhaps like to experience a stroke along with their cardiac arrest, then option three is for you.
And here's something no one can resist!
This rant was bought to you by The Bognor Bugle.
Thank you very much indeed. Now switch of the life support system please.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

 Do you consider yourself a a modernist? Are you fond of modernist design? Do you live in a modernist house? Then why not park your bum on this superb modernist stool.
Are you a modernist couple? Then why not park your bums on these superb modernist stools? You know it makes sense. Thank you.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

 Dear readers, just when we thought we were going to have to contact The Red Cross to fly us in food parcels, a small window appeared allowing us to venture forth in search of rare collectibles. And here are a small selection concentrating on the Mid Century look. Fabulous display units.
 Stunning chests of drawers.
 More units..
And nests of tables to name but a few. What a fine selection and all open to offers. Thank you very much indeed.

Friday, 7 February 2014

 Dear readers, once again the weather has been beastly here in Bugleland, preventing us from sourcing rare and important collectibles, but here are a few ideas to keep you busy this inclement weekend.
If you don't mind getting wet, how about a pleasant cycle with a chum.
 Or stay at home and watch TV dressed as Tutankhamun.
 Kiss a chimpanzee.
 Fashion a papier mache model in the style of Cleo Laine.
 Grow a splendid beard.
 Embark on a mystery tour (goodness knows where this is heading!)
Or simply stay in bed. These suggestions were bought to you by The Bognor Bugle. thank you.

Monday, 3 February 2014

 And now dear readers we have the results of our exciting quiz.
In first place we have a Mr Albert Hall (96) of Cardiff who wins these wonderful designer sunglasses.
Congratulations Mr Hall!
And in second place we have Ms Ludmilla Verushka (23) from Knightsbridge who now is the proud owner of this wonderful framed Gamages of Holborn paper bag. Can you image how impressive this will look on the mantelpiece of your Sloane St apartment? Well done the pair of you!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

 The weather is bright, sunny and a tad chilly here in Bugleland today readers, so to warm you up here is this weeks exciting quiz. A stainless steel toast rack designed by the modern master Robert Welch before he joined The Shadows.
 A magnificent super groovy retro mirror.
And a wonderful sign informing people that they cannot smoke.
All we need to know readers is what these three items have in common.
Answers by tomorrow please and the lucky winner has a real treat in store. Thank you.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

 Yes readers, it's true! Your Bugle has returned and the celebrations begin right here right now.
 Take a look at these wonderful coat hangers, everyone a winner.
 None of that wire or even worse plastic crap.
 And everyone available to you dear readers.
 Your life is not complete without a Magiclean  hanger
 These are incredibly rare, readers.
 Oh look! Local interest.
 If any of them take your eye, (and please be careful or they could take your eye out).
Please contact us.
Thank you dear readers.