Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Good morning, dear reader, for your enjoyment today we have the cast from a chinese puppet theatre, dating from the 1950's. Why not pop along tomorrow and pay us a visit at Ye Olde Spitalfields antiques market in the heart of our capital city, and make us a sensible offer. They'd be the perfect takeaway. Thank you.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More Recent Finds.

Good morning beloved readers, here we see a delightful house decorated on the exterior in a splendid lime green.                                                                                                                                               

Just look at the the wonderful retro wallpaper, dogs at play, I hope they don't make a mess on the carpet.                                                          
Here's a charming person  with a wonderful blue outfit waving to his friend and shouting " come and see my newly decorated house"                                                                                                              

And look! There is his friend running to greet him, what fun, what a load of cobblers.
Thank you.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Beloved readers, after a period of intense lethargy, your caring sharing Bognor Bugle is back, and raring to go!
 Lets kickstart the Autumn season with several new finds starting with...

The Madonna and child, apart from being a highly successful pop star, did you know she is an important  religious icon?
Next up we have Jesus and his flock, can you guess what he's
 saying to that lamb in arms? We think it's.... "behave yourself Larry or it's kebabs tonight".
Lastly we have this splendid  chart, (actually it's not that splendid, whoever buys this wants their eyes tested). More tomorrow.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

 Hello again beloved readers, apologies for the longish gap between posts only your editor was involved in a terrible accident whilst holidaying in the Cairngorms, I managed to slip and fall thousands of feet into a ravine, breaking every bone in my body. (Actually I fell of a little wall and sprained my ankle, but don't let on). Anyway enough of that nonsense, here's what we've found....
Above and below you will see a very smart scarf  by one of the icons of the British fashion scene, Margaret Howell, It's rumoured that she often checks out this blog for inspiration as many designers do.
 Next a stunning scarf by Tesa de Beviera, well need we say more?

 We were told initially this was a fake, but surely everyone knows who Dolce & Daddana is?

 Nice bit of Marrimekko....

 A little napkin ring in the shape of an overweight dog.
 And lastly a pair of wooden hands, how divine.
That's yer lot. Thank you.