Sunday, 26 May 2013

Come Friendly Bombs and fall on Slough.

 A recent purchase beloved readers from a nice gentleman at Portobello market, a catalogue of "recent " work by Mr William Wood & Son of Taplow published in 1933.
 Apparently all these splendid views were taken in the Slough area.
 Things have certainly changed somewhat since then.
 This pond would probably be full of shopping trolleys and car tyres now.
 These delightful buildings would have been vandalised.
 And this wonderful thatched pavilion below would be burnt to the ground.
This rant was bought to you by the Bognor Bugle.
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

 Beloved readers, cast your mind back two days to when we offered you exclusively the chance to own a beautiful vintage watering can. As you can see from above, the response was extraordinary and we literally sold out in a few minutes.
 Well don't despair because now we are offering you the opportunity to purchase a magnificent tin bath or luxury bucket (with tongs). Bathing baby will be so much fun in this beautifully designed receptacle, and if you don't have children why not try it on Spot or Tiddles, they're bound to enjoy every magic moment.
Now cast your eyes on this little beauty, isn't it handsome? We feel this would be enjoyed by the whole family but especially if your name is Jack or Jill and you need to go up a hill to fetch some water.
Thank you very much indeed.

Monday, 20 May 2013

 Beloved readers, next time you go into your garden to water your prize Delphiniums, spare a thought for the humble watering can. Is yours a rather poorly designed plastic version from the nearest D.I.Y. megastore, or perhaps you use something even worse that you've picked up from a carboot sale for sixpence?
Then fear not, because we've got something rather special for you.
Bugle enterprises are delighted to offer you for a limited period only these fabulous vintage versions at a very reasonable price (plus vat).
Can you imagine the looks of envy from your neighbours, when you walk down the garden path holding one of these little beauties?
Each one comes with a free (yes free!) handle and spout to make the task that much easier, and every can is personally endorsed by our own in-house gardener Patty O Potts.
So don't hesitate, buy now while stocks last. Simply call the Watering Can hotline on Bugle 1212.
Good luck and thank you ever so much.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

 Good day to you beloved readers, as promised our latest selection of wonderfully important finds, starting with this splendid bathroom cabinet, the more eagle eyed will have spotted the luxury leather sofa and Welsh blanket in the reflection of the glass, these are not for sale at the moment, but perhaps one day..
 A lovely gilt frame highlighting the letters LD.
 A mysterious portrait with an inscription on the back saying "to Jenny, sweet dreams with love Garm" Personally I wouldn't care to dream about this chap, although for all we know he could be a delightful man.
 A wooden air plane manufactured by Adventure Playthings.
 Please note the handy storage facility for children to store their pencils, cigarettes or cans of super strength cider.
 And lastly a very groovy funky retro revolving bookcase.
This slightly blurred image illustrates it in action. Why not fill it with heavy books and spin it with great gusto, then watch the whole family howl with delight as they fly across the room smashing your best bone china tea set and nearly decapitating the dog.
Once again I thank you.

Friday, 17 May 2013

 It's been some time since our last post beloved readers and we do apologise, we've been having a bit of a re-shuffle here at Bugle HQ, but now we're back and the world's most widely read blog is better than ever. As you can see we recently went to the bottom of the Bugle garden and picked some ripe fruits off the Bric a brac tree (or crappus collectabilis as it's known in the Latin).
Lets begin with this wonderful 1930's shop display model.
 Here's a side view so that you can appreciate her superb assets.
 Ever dreamt of owning your own public lavatory? Why not purchase this magnificent enamel sign, then all you need to do is find a suitable premises.
 These industrial swivel chairs are very popular with the young set at the moment.
 A very rare and important hand decorated mirror depicting a gentleman on horseback.
 This lucky person went to Cortina in 1959 on a skiing holiday...
 And was so impressed they painted the view on their suitcase.
 A bit of pop art.
 A bit more.
 A squirrel target, poor chap!
 A gorgeous 1950's dining table.
And last but by no means least a desk lamp.
Well that's it for now, but don't despair we'll be back soon (or will we?)
Thank you very much indeed.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

 All human life is here beloved readers, at our local carboot you can find, modernist glass bowls..
 Splendid teapots.
 Retro mirrors.
 Rococo wall lights
 Decorative vases of the highest quality'
 And dine at some of the finest establishments available to humanity.
Thank you so very much.