Tuesday, 20 November 2012

 And good morning to you beloved readers. As I lay in my in 16th century four poster bed gazing through the leaded windows of my timber framed Tudor cottage out to sea, my thoughts turn to this weekends finds, and I,m delighted to be able to share them with you now beginning above with a splendid flag...
 Here we see a pair of stout walking boots place upon another splendid flag.
 Three delighful terrier pups.
 These are most patriotic are they not?

 Glorious picnic hampers.
 These fine fellows all attended St Pauls school in the 1930's don't you know.

 A little out of season but splendid none the less.
 Well have you?
 A vintage meter readers bag, which would no doubt now grace the shoulder of the hippest dude in town.

 Two reels. (These reels are real reels and if you purchase these real reels, you'll be so happy you will want to  reel, but not on these reels please.)
 A lovely pine cone effect vase.
 A wonderful enamel draining board.
And lastly two Danish pots that would look very at home placed upon the previously mentioned draining board.
Thank you very much indeed.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

 Gentlemen, with winter's icy grip nearly upon us and The Bugle International institute of winter warmth estimating that 99% of our body heat escapes out of our head, now would be a splendid time to invest in some new head wear. Whilst wanting your hat to provide the maximum efficiency, it's also terribly important to remain fashionable at all times, with this in mind today's post provides you with some fine examples.

Just imagine how splendid you'll look
at the bowls club, attending choir practice or even next weeks whist drive. Thank you.

Friday, 16 November 2012

 I say good day to you beloved readers and offer you my hand, recently whilst on the hunt for rare collectables I came upon a splendid junk shop selling all manner of things, but it was the quality of the signage not the stock that struck me the most, here are a few wonderful examples.

I hope you've enjoyed it, I really do.
Thank you.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

 Good day to you beloved readers, lets continue without further ado, starting with this delightful leather stationary pouch....Answered.
 Three very sweet 1950's Thermos flasks, perhaps for very sweet 1950's tea?
 A selection of framed photographs. (Please note the rather smart gent on the top left is Nelson Eddy, or is it Eddy Nelson?)
 Wonderful Art Deco fabric, stare at it long enough and you could almost be in The Empire State or Chrysler building.
 A selection of retro kitchen utensils.
 A painted wooden box.
 Belonging to J H Markham of the London School of Aniseed balls? Artichokes? Alsations? You decide.
 A posh hat box.
 A sweet occasional table, perhaps for displaying an occasional sweet.
 And some carpenters trestles
Here we see evidence of his toil. Next time you have a tradesman around to your house to do some repairs, and he sits on his arse all day drinking tea and talking gibberish on his phone, simply show him this image, it might encourage him to do something.
Thank you.

Monday, 12 November 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, with the television now swamped with endless repeats and the various forms of social media flooded with banal comments by intensely boring people talking rot, we feel it's time for a change, so why not join us at The Bugle, we offer cutting edge info on all manner of important issues for both young and old, yes we've really got our finger on the pulse, and if you are new to The Bugle we'd like to say welcome, come on in, and close the door. Here we kick off with this weekends finds. (A regular feature by the way).
If you look above you will see a splendid set of vintage carpet bowls, switch off your game boxes, change into your whites and have fun! (Readers with wood or laminate floors may like to consider another option).
 Thinking of decorating but can't decide on a colour? Then give these to your children, and hey presto! A Jackson Pollock on every wall.
 A funnel.
 Aren't these delightful readers? Anyone for tennis? New balls please! Ha Ha!!
 A French enamelled thing for hanging French utensils, oo la la!
 Lokking for an attractive corner bathroom cabinet to go in the corner of your bathroom? Then look no further because here's an attractive corner bathroom cabinet, that would look lovely in the corner of your bathroom.
And lastly we see a wonderful anchor in its original canvas bag. we've been told that these are very popular if you live next to the river or the ocean, (and own a boat).
More tomorrow. Thank you.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

 Beloved readers, only a fool would have ventured out this weekend in this awful weather to hunt for collectables, and this is what we found, starting with this splendid 1960's workjacket.
 Along similar lines an industrial shade.
 Continuing along with the employment theme, a very smart tool bag. We could almost be in a 60's kitchen sink drama, couldn't we readers?
 If you were lost around that time a cutting edge road map, an early prototype for satnav perhaps.
 Feeling a bit religious? These should satisfy your desires.
 Not one....
But two lovely glass shades in the blue willow pattern, how divine.
Thank you.