Sunday, 31 March 2013

 Good morning beloved readers, or if you're reading this in the afternoon, good afternoon beloved readers, or even in the evening, etc etc...We set off at 4am this morning in our trusty Buglemobile with the thermometer registering a temperature of minus five, and here's what we found beginning above with this smart poster.
 A nice pair of vintage Canadian work boots (size eight).
 A rather nice still life, and on the back..
 This rather nice ad.
 A metal spice rack for your spices.
 A galvanised water tank, perfect if your galvanised water tank is knackered, or a smart and trendy industrial planter for your plants, or even a fish tank for aggressive goldfish.
 A 1930's table football game.
 This is nice. Looking like a Paolozzi sculpture, a 1950's resuscitation dummy.

Thank you ever so much.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spotted in the window of a local junk shop beloved readers, a delicious modernist dolls house. We've been back four times but alas, they're never open. Apart from a ram raid, what is one to do? (Answers on a postcard please). Thank you very much.

Monday, 25 March 2013

A double portion today beloved readers, spotted by a good chum yesterday whilst out walking her dogs.
Thank you.
 A splendid purchase yesterday at 5am as temperatures plummeted below zero-The Ergon Heatlamp.
 If only we'd have had somewhere to plug it in.
Beloved readers, I thank you..

Sunday, 24 March 2013

 A small but interesting purchase today beloved readers, the 1950's equivalent of Red Bull.
 Sleep tonight..
Energy tomorrow. And on the reverse it states.."highly recommended for invalids and convalescents". "Delicious sprinkled on Porridge, Stewed Fruit or Milk Puddings". Splendid!
Thank you.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

 Beloved readers, due to persistently awful weather here in Bugleland, the opportunity to hunt for rare collectables has come to an abrupt halt, however, this magnificent and enormous workbench was purchased today from a kindly person who was very keen to get shot of it.
 Watch this space for future developments.
Thank you so very much.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A break in the inclement weather yesterday beloved readers, saw us tootle down to the carboot allotment in search of an early crop of collectables, and here's what we found.   
 Two tiny but perfectly formed bakelite boxes.

 A splendid mid-century rosewood chest of drawers.
 A museum cabinet of curiosities.
 And here are the curiosities...
 Plaster casts of Victorian butter moulds.
What splendid finds, we're off back to the allotment to double dig for more.
Thank you so very much.

Monday, 18 March 2013

 With torrential rain, gale force winds and an elderly gentleman and his wife spotted in our local pet shop buying two of every animal they had in stock, the signs were not good. But we dipped our fingers in the carboot lucky bag and here's what we found starting above with a Georgian key cupboard for Georgian keys.
 A box with holes in it, possibly for ferrets or smelly cheese. (For health and safety purposes it is advisable not to store liquids in it.).
 A Bjorn Wimblad wall plaque, or a dinner plate if you're a poser..
 Two very ancient landing/butterfly/apple picking nets.
 They could also be nets for nuts, but gentlemen be careful not to catch your nuts in these nets, and because of their age you'd be nuts to use these nets for nuts.
 An ancient surveying tool for surveying ancient buildings...
 Or perhaps modernist ones too...
 We like this.
 An old paint box full of old paints.
 And lastly a delightful four panelled screen.
 Sanderson William Morris methinks.
Thank you ever so much.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

This morning beloved readers I thought we'd take a look at some smart knitwear for the spring, the young couple above are looking most attractive in their new sweaters.
 The farmer who feeds his animals must be a bit of a misery...
 Stanton here has just made a lewd suggestion to Marjorie, and she seems quite keen, but by the time she's struggled to get that heavy knitted dress off she'll be too knackered to do anything.
 This is Yolanda from South London, she's always felt apart from her friends, but  mama has knitted her a smart hoodie and now she's part of the gang. Crack anyone?
 Sherwood is chastising his son Quinton for listening in on his conversation, and at the same time advising him to remove that ridiculous hat.
 Juanita has just whispered in Bertram's ear to behave himself or the restraining straps are going back on.
And here's Audrey proudly showing off her new teeth. Thank you.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

 If it's rare collectables you're actively seeking this weekend beloved readers then look no further because today we're catering for all tastes, starting above with this impressionist oil on board of a little girl and her pussy cats.
 A formica table with a very practical little drawer underneath for your cutlery.
 A neat little metal stool that doubles up as a handy set of steps.
 An insurance sign.
 Some pop socks to go gay in.
And what at first glance appears to be some groovy retro fabric, is in fact a groovy retro vinyl table cloth.
What a splendid selection, and all highly collectable. Thank you ever so much.