Monday, 25 February 2013

 Beloved readers, we apologise for the lateness of today's post but it's taken us this long to thaw out after yesterdays excursion into the carboot wilderness. A day so cold that polar bears were seen coming out of Marks & Spencer's after purchasing thermal underwear.
Let's get the ball rolling above with a magnificent Maclamp
 A beautiful mahogany framed Victorian mirror.
 A splendid bakelite radio in first class condition and fully working would you believe.

 Our favourite purchase of the weekend, The Burbo papier mache hand painted pigeon.
 A WW2 crocheted bag.
 Two modernist planters for modernist plants.
 And lastly looking like Portuguese men of war in summer frocks, three delightful lampshades.
How lovely! Thank you so much.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

 Beloved readers, today has been one of the coldest days on record here in Bugleland, so here just for you and for you only, some images to warm the cockles of your heart. Above you will see young Peter looking rather splendid in his new hand knitted sweater about to cycle off to meet his chums for a jolly cycle along the towpath.
 Here's Peter's father Cuthbert potting on his Ariculas looking equally splendid in his new tanktop.
 And here's Peter's mama Ethel saying to her beloved "if you get any soil on that sweater I'll break your f*****g legs, you clot!"
 Some young scamps having fun on the riverbank, shortly after this picture was taken the little rascal in the green sweater pushed his dog into the water, where it was swept away by the current.
 Forbes minor is showing his pal Archibald the latest copy of Wild Birds monthly.
 Three gentlemen about to enjoy a round of golf..
 Some more little rascal's enjoying a joke, and look, they've found the little dog that was thrown in the river.
 The little chap on the right is trying entice the other boys with some home made booze, but they're having none of it.
"Lummy Archie look at the sails on that!"
And these little tinkers look on in amusement as that poor little dog has just drank a whole jam jar of that booze. It's the vets for you in the morning Bonzo!
Thank you ever so much.

Friday, 22 February 2013

 Beloved readers, these filthy disgusting playing cards were found recently in a rather splendid house clearance.
 We are simply showing you these sordid images so that you know in future if you spot a packet, you must avoid them at all cost.
 We've never been so offended in our entire lives.
Absolute filth...
Deeply offensive...what do you think Peter?
Coo coo...
Coo COOOOO!!! 
Thank you.

Monday, 18 February 2013

 Beloved readers, let us for one minute go back to this gorgeous metal CC41 bed. Apart from one genuine enquiry from a good friend it went largely unnoticed last week at the market.
 The trade and the general public as usual were walking around with their heads up their arses unaware of how lovely it was.
 To me it was already a thing of beauty...
 But then somebody saw its potential
 Just what you could achieve if you put your mind to it...
 Who didn't mind grafting a bit...
 Not bad eh? Bloody lovely I reckon!
Thank you.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

 Beloved readers, were you awake early this morning eager to see what your Bugle has in store for you?
Well we were awake well before the crack of dawn to bring to you the most wonderful things available to humanity, starting with this vintage retro funky basket chair.
 A funky retro vintage mirror.
 A stylish bread bin for stylish bread, or economy bread if you've got no bread.
 Two porcelain pots pretending to be dented coffee cups.
 A sixties canvas backpack.
 A novelty keyring.
 A novelty badge.
 Another novelty keyring.
 Another novelty keyring.
 And another.
 And another.
 And yet another.
 And a few hundred more.

Thank you.