Tuesday, 29 January 2013

 Hasn't this weather been beastly just recently beloved readers, cold, grey, damp and miserable. It's most important on days like this to surround oneself with beautiful things to lift the spirit.
 Here are a few things I'll be surrounding myself with later.
Thank you ever so much.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

 Behold beloved readers, today's only find, a beautiful sideboard in the Arts & Crafts style.
Constructed of solid oak. What springs to mind when witnessing this splendid thing?
 The mighty forests, the rolling downs, The farmer and his plough..
 Oh merrie England, Albion!
M.F.I? Thank you.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

 Beloved readers, just recently we cycled a considerable distance to visit a popular watering hole we hadn't frequented for some time, only to find it had been "updated", can you imagine how we felt when we were confronted by rows of wine bottles on wanky shelves, high tables and stools, pictures of pebbles and beach huts and laminate flooring, (have you ever seen a picture of laminate flooring? It's deeply unpleasant.) For those of you who are tortured on a daily basis by such obscene surroundings, here are some pictures of proper boozers, we hope you enjoy them. Cheers!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

 Good morning beloved readers, although the weather has been most unpleasant (unless you're a polar bear,) your Bugle has still been on the road sourcing interesting and important items. What's this I hear you ask?
 Well it could be all manner of things, a means of transporting your pet ferret or rat, a container for your delicious packed lunch or extra smelly cheese, or even a very hip overnight bag, (but remember to remove the cheese first).
 These holes can be closed by a sliding mechanism, so if you tire of your pet ferret or rat...
 I don't normally buy these as a rule but I let my heart rule my head, and I broke my unwritten rule, but it's a nice rule don't you think?
 Now just look below readers isn't this wonderful? It's a very rare piece of Russian constructivist sculpture..
 It represents the modern age, the machine age, the dawn of a new day, a socialist utopia.

 These are the factory and studio marks...
 Do you know the artist? He goes by his constructivist name Y Knott Popover 4T.
Thank you so very very much.

Friday, 18 January 2013

 It was inevitable beloved readers, the sky grew black...
 The branches on the trees whispered to one another..
 The moss glowed fluorescent green...
 Gentlemen grew their beards....
 And then it fell...
 A winter wonderland
 A blanket of snow
 But cheer up, all is not lost...
 Dig out your old sleigh...
Or take your horse for a walk.
Thank you.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, stop what you're doing this instant and gather around the nearest monitor to witness what your Bugle has sourced for you personally today. A day so cold that seasoned carbooters were freezing to the spot, and the organisers had to spray them with gently warmed antifreeze so they could continue on their mission. Let's begin above with this splendid example of pre-war folk art constructed of ancient Meccano.
 Continuing with this glorious chrome and ceramic teapot.
 What appears to be initially a very plain 1960's demob suitcase...
 Is suddenly transformed into a piece of very rare and important post-war folk art. Are you aware this could be the only example of its kind in the whole universe?
 A stonking great wicker basket, big enough to dismember someone who's getting on your tits or provide a huge hamper of comestibles for a wonderful family picnic, (when the weather improves).
And lastly a lonely little Ercol  table, poor thing. He needs a loving home and never forget,an Ercol table is for life, not just for Christmas.
Thank you so very much.

Monday, 7 January 2013

 Hello once again beloved readers, the response to our last post was incredible, so to keep  both our readers happy here are some more delightful pictures. Above you'll notice little Janet, she's trying to keep a brave face after her mother knitted her a hideous bonnet for her birthday, when all she really wanted was a new dolly.
 Mr Ramsbottom is saying to little Timmy "it'll be a lot easier if you open the page you idiot!"
 Brenda is teaching little Norman to ride his horse whilst relinquishing the reins, a foolish move Brenda, if the park keeper sees you there could be trouble!
 Gladys has noticed she's three weeks behind with the rent, eviction for you young lady!
And lastly chief inspector Cuthbertson of Sidcup CID is about to have a word with young Ronalds father about stealing Mrs Golightly's plums. This could be serious.
Thank you so much.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

 Good day to you beloved readers, after a serious bout of can't be arsed itis your Bugle is back, fully refreshed and ready to look the new year full in the face.
 We are going to start with this splendid publication. And concentrate on the images contained within the book.
 This child is saying to her adoring mother.."look mama isn't that your evil sister and her daughter sitting by that hedge?"
 And as you can witness she's correct.
This attractive young woman is thinking.."why there's Albert from the pork pie factory, if I adopt this glamorous pose he might notice me".
 And here is Albert looking at a pair of tits on the branch of a poplar tree. I think she'd like to get her hands on his Melton Mowbray.
 Here we see an elderly lady, somewhere in her mid thirties I'd say.
 And here we see her mother about to garotte her husband who's been driving her up the wall for years.
 These two fellows are just having a rub down after a session in the local bath house, make sure you remove that lipstick before you leave chaps!
 This charming child is showing her mother a delightful seashell she's just found on the beach..
 And this fellow me lad along with his dog is enjoying the freedom of the seaside. (He'll be enjoying a bit more freedom if he goes into the water wearing those trunks).
 This little chap is obviously destined for a career in the fashion industry, and as is evident from this photo he's already instructed his mummy to knit him a delightful onesie.
Thank you so very much.