Tuesday, 14 August 2012

 Hello again beloved readers, apologies for the longish gap between posts only your editor was involved in a terrible accident whilst holidaying in the Cairngorms, I managed to slip and fall thousands of feet into a ravine, breaking every bone in my body. (Actually I fell of a little wall and sprained my ankle, but don't let on). Anyway enough of that nonsense, here's what we've found....
Above and below you will see a very smart scarf  by one of the icons of the British fashion scene, Margaret Howell, It's rumoured that she often checks out this blog for inspiration as many designers do.
 Next a stunning scarf by Tesa de Beviera, well need we say more?

 We were told initially this was a fake, but surely everyone knows who Dolce & Daddana is?

 Nice bit of Marrimekko....

 A little napkin ring in the shape of an overweight dog.
 And lastly a pair of wooden hands, how divine.
That's yer lot. Thank you.

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