Monday, 10 December 2012

 Once again good morning to you beloved readers, as you can see the bric a brac tree has flowered early this year and presented us with a few choice fruits starting above with a splendid appartment block...
 A delightful red train.
 A novelty handmade horse racing game.
 Looks like Number one is going to win by a nose...
 After the race clear the horse manure with this large enamelled mug and brush. (It's advisable to rinse it out after if you fancy a cup of tea).
 Upper class footwear on some nice old steps.
 Groovy trendy funky retro furniture and lighting.
 A nice cardi.
And an even nicer french waistcoat.
That's yer lot, right off to work the lot of you!
Thank you so much.

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