Sunday, 29 September 2013

 Hello beloved readers, yesterday we took a trip to the magical kingdom of bric a brac land and here's what we discovered. Starting with a jolly box...
 And inside that jolly box some carved wooden animals.
 Look carefully and you'll see Mr Noah feeding a sticky bun to a ferocious lion. From this we can surmise that either he has a desire to be torn apart or that he needs to visit his optician. The elephants are to your left Mr Noah.
 A rather charming jug in which my wife has placed some flowers.
 A Victorian painted glass panel of a splendid lighthouse.
 And here we see a delightful sailboat. It might be Mr Noah's ark, although if he continued to try and feed that bun to the lion, Mrs Noah's ark.
A wonderful tapestry depicting a Spanish scene. It's very quiet there, perhaps they've all gone to church or having a siesta, or maybe that bloody lion has escaped!
Thank you very much indeed.

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