Tuesday, 13 November 2012

 Good day to you beloved readers, lets continue without further ado, starting with this delightful leather stationary pouch....Answered.
 Three very sweet 1950's Thermos flasks, perhaps for very sweet 1950's tea?
 A selection of framed photographs. (Please note the rather smart gent on the top left is Nelson Eddy, or is it Eddy Nelson?)
 Wonderful Art Deco fabric, stare at it long enough and you could almost be in The Empire State or Chrysler building.
 A selection of retro kitchen utensils.
 A painted wooden box.
 Belonging to J H Markham of the London School of Aniseed balls? Artichokes? Alsations? You decide.
 A posh hat box.
 A sweet occasional table, perhaps for displaying an occasional sweet.
 And some carpenters trestles
Here we see evidence of his toil. Next time you have a tradesman around to your house to do some repairs, and he sits on his arse all day drinking tea and talking gibberish on his phone, simply show him this image, it might encourage him to do something.
Thank you.

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