Tuesday, 20 November 2012

 And good morning to you beloved readers. As I lay in my in 16th century four poster bed gazing through the leaded windows of my timber framed Tudor cottage out to sea, my thoughts turn to this weekends finds, and I,m delighted to be able to share them with you now beginning above with a splendid flag...
 Here we see a pair of stout walking boots place upon another splendid flag.
 Three delighful terrier pups.
 These are most patriotic are they not?

 Glorious picnic hampers.
 These fine fellows all attended St Pauls school in the 1930's don't you know.

 A little out of season but splendid none the less.
 Well have you?
 A vintage meter readers bag, which would no doubt now grace the shoulder of the hippest dude in town.

 Two reels. (These reels are real reels and if you purchase these real reels, you'll be so happy you will want to  reel, but not on these reels please.)
 A lovely pine cone effect vase.
 A wonderful enamel draining board.
And lastly two Danish pots that would look very at home placed upon the previously mentioned draining board.
Thank you very much indeed.

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