Saturday, 12 October 2013

 At a recent important medical convention at Geneva in Switzerland, the Bugle chief medical officer Dr Eric-Acious Border stated the commonly known fact that to maintain full hydration one should consume at least 18 gallons of clean water a day,obviously if one is out shopping or walking the dogs it is extremely difficult to carry that amount of fluid with you, so your caring sharing Bugle has come up with a solution to that problem..
 This magnificent salt glaze barrel is designed to hold the correct amount of water for a days intake. It comes with it's own transportation unit..
 And this magnificent organically hand woven rope
Allowing you to tether it if you decide to pop into the shop for a pint of milk, or to try on those smart brogues you've been admiring for some time, or even to take the occasional comfort break.
Please contact Bugle Enterprises for more information. Thank you.

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