Monday, 28 October 2013

 Beloved readers, here in Bugleland we've been enduring severe gales for the last 24 hours, the roads are littered with uprooted trees and shattered fence panel lay redundant on the grass. So with this cheering news we are delighted to present these wonderful images starting above with this delicious 1930's French modernist wooden screen and our old pals the Deco letters spelling out what's about to come.
 If during this spell of inclement weather your suppliers of extortionately priced electricity decide to cut you off then do not fear, invite all your neighbours around for a warming beverage. This beautiful enamel teapot should hold enough tea to satisfy the entire street.
 This emergency fold up ladder will enable you to climb on to your roof and fix the TV aerial which has been blown down by the beastly wind. Or better still with the amount of crap shown on television these days why not rip the bloody thing off altogether and read a book instead.
 Perhaps you should consider one of these sleighs? After last winter it might be sensible.
 These lovely swans would make a delicious meal if your freezer is on the blink or better still Tesco's has been forced to close because of flooding. Can you imagine the looks of envy from your workmates when you open your lunchbox to reveal a scrummy soft bap filled with sliced swan, a thousand island dressing and low fat spread.
And don't forget your neighbours supply of winter fuel, I'm sure they wouldn't miss the odd log or fifty if you get cold.
Thank you very much indeed.

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