Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Boys & Girls, after a recent visit to my local hostelry for some reviving ales, it occurred to me how many people were engaged in idle chit-chat and at the same time folding their arms. featured below, are some of those very people.
Firstly we start off with Michael, a solid dependable type of arm folding.
 Next Roger, a relaxed confident pose...
 Here's Colin, a rather jolly and warm look about these arms. (That chap behind looks curious!)
 Here's young Matt, although relaxed, they also give a look of authority, as if to say.. "I'm the boss".
Well done Matthew!
 Keith's sitting at the bar contemplating life, but still finds time to fold his arms.
 And lastly, Matts delightful partner Jo, aren't they a lovely pair, (of arms).
Thank you very much.

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