Friday, 25 May 2012

This foot beloved readers, is all that remains of Jumbo the Bugle elephant, between the years of 1922 & 1944 he paraded the streets of Bugletown advertising your favourite read.
 And this is the very gate he would stand at on a lovely sunny day, whilst his adoring public would feed him banana's, sticky buns, pork pies or cold sausages.
And this is the very gate that on April 31st 1944 our local bobby Corky left ajar whilst he was warning us that tinkers had camped on the village green, and were dealing in illegal clothes pegs.
What followed is now history, but poor jumbo strayed onto the road and was involved in a tragic accident between a lorry,a steamroller and a spitfire.
Jumbo we salute you! Thank you very much.

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