Sunday, 6 May 2012

Golly boys and girls, hasn't it been warm? Temperatures in Bugleland this weekend have reached a sweltering 6c! And although the Met office has warned us to stay indoors we've ventured forth to bring you some wonderful finds. Starting with....
These splendid military suitcases...
 Next a much older one that has certainly been well used. (Please note the makeshift rope handle, or folk art as we like to call it.)
 A delightful green bucket.
 A lovely old farmhouse chair. Curious as to how many bums have been sat upon it? Well that's the problem we posed to our boffins at The Bugle Institute of Chair Research, and after using the latest carbon dating techniques and measuring the exact wear on the seat, they can confidently come up with a figure of 56,263.
 A wicker linen basket with Scottish on one side....
 And Herne Bay on the other. We were again curious so this time we posed the question to The Bugle Institute of Coastal Research, and they informed us that years ago Herne Bay was in fact on the East coast of Scotland, but due to global warming and coastal erosion it's now in Kent.
 This is a strange thing, tiny compartments for holding price tickets...
 A closeup.
 A wonderful 70's retro Honiton pottery table lamp.
 A homemade metal and wood storage unit, (or folk art as we like to call it).
 A beautiful glass water jug...
 A vintage American shooting jacket (34in chest).
 A modernist glass jug. (Most probably from the Bauhaus school).
 And lastly a pair of Rhim...Rhiimm..Rihmaak...Rkmaaki.....Scandinavian vases.
Thank you very much.

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