Monday, 4 June 2012

Hello again beloved readers, would you like to see what we found growing on the bric a brac tree at the bottom of our garden this weekend?
Well here we go starting with this splendid Art Deco Bakelite clock.
 Followed by this rather lovely picture...
 Next a splendid coat and hat stand for your coats and hats'''
 A vintage Norwegian backpack...
 Another vintage Norwegian backpack
 Here they are side by side.
 A classic Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp.
 A fabulous camouflage net, (believe it or not my van is behind it, I know it's incredible isn't it?)
 Some pigeon decoy's
 We've got lots of these.
 Bathroom cabinets are us this week....
 Our national flag....
 And lastly a modernist planter.
There, that wasn't too bad was it boys and girls?
Thank you very much.

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