Sunday, 10 June 2012

Recent Finds no 3278.

Hello again beloved readers, would you like to see what we've rescued from the antiques skip this weekend? Well lets start with a collection of chairs, beginning with these very elegant Victorian dining chairs.... 
 Next this pair of shabby chic, funky retro, (pardon me whilst I vomit) folding garden chairs....
 Lastly this beautifully restored Georgian armchair...
 All our re-upholstery is done by the Bugle restoration company, (Bugleland 2385).
 Moving swiftly on to this splendid Victorian trunk.
 What a lovely label!
 And just look at the wear on the lid, scrummy!
 A spot of modernism...
 A beautiful filing cabinet.
 These two look like they could become the best of friends...
 Finishing with this gorgeous painted pine cupboard, I,ve left the sticky labels on as I think they add to the overall look. (Actually I couldn't be arsed to remove them.)
All of these items will naturally be for sale on Thursday at The Spitalfields International Antiques Fair, starting promptly at 8am, yes I know it's late but some tosspot has complained about the noise.
Thank you.

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