Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Warning To All.

Beloved readers, for some time now, The Bugle Institute of Garden Pests have been aware of a new and serious threat to your prized gardens...The giant Ethiopian tree caterpillar. We have to send our thanks to Mr Rodney Trembler of Tinkers Nob, Bugletown for these shocking images, images so shocking in fact that younger viewers, viewers of a nervous disposition or suffering from certain health problems (ie. High blood pressure, heart disease or haemorroids) may be advised to look away now.....
Here we see one of the ghastly creature relaxing on a beautiful manicured lawn....
 The next image is of a pair about to devour this handsome young Turnip tree....
 After ten minutes this is all that is left, (I know it's quite unbelievable isn't it readers?)
After filling their bellies they begin to mate. (It is now advisable to throw a bucket of water over them, or they will increase tenfold in a matter of days).
If you come into contact with one of these beastly creatures, then do not hesitate ring our hotline (Bugle 2436) and quote "creepy crawly", and we will send one of our highly trained staff to despatch it quickly and humainly.
Thank you.

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