Monday, 25 February 2013

 Beloved readers, we apologise for the lateness of today's post but it's taken us this long to thaw out after yesterdays excursion into the carboot wilderness. A day so cold that polar bears were seen coming out of Marks & Spencer's after purchasing thermal underwear.
Let's get the ball rolling above with a magnificent Maclamp
 A beautiful mahogany framed Victorian mirror.
 A splendid bakelite radio in first class condition and fully working would you believe.

 Our favourite purchase of the weekend, The Burbo papier mache hand painted pigeon.
 A WW2 crocheted bag.
 Two modernist planters for modernist plants.
 And lastly looking like Portuguese men of war in summer frocks, three delightful lampshades.
How lovely! Thank you so much.

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