Sunday, 3 February 2013

 Beloved readers, please put down your paper, switch off that television, throw your Ipad across the room and focus on today's finds. Starting with this very nice chemical decanter (well it was very nice but I've just dropped it and it's not quite as nice now).
 These splendid suitcases...
 including this demob one belonging to D Yardley.
 A luxurious pink eiderdown, perfect for these chilly nights.
 For some reason I find these chairs most attractive, each one bearing the utility mark.
 Solid oak construction, with more than a hint of modernism.

 A very plain oak framed cabinet with two cheeky Anglepoise lamps inside it.
 And lastly what looks like a very pleasant wooden bowl...
Becomes a work of art, as we see three Dutch gentlemen from the eighteenth century enjoying a nice drink in their local tavern, it's a delight and it could be yours beloved readers for a small fee, you never know it might turn out to be an undiscovered masterpiece by Rembrandt or Van Dyke or Van Hire, you never know. Thank you.

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