Saturday, 16 February 2013

 Good day to you all beloved readers, just recently on a a trip to our fair capital where the sun always shines and the streets are paved with gold, I became involved in a conversation with a very pleasant young man with a receding hairline, sporting a very smart leather jerkin. He informed me that your Bugle was enthusiastically read by all the most fashionable and with it crowd in the city. With that in mind today's post is bringing our latest finds of recent days to you hipsters, starting above with some splendid 1950's fabric..
 A Durlston design mirror...
A glorious modernist blackboard and easel with a built in clock. (Not only will you be able to teach your children to read and write, but they'll also learn when the pubs open and close).
 Looking like some kind of abstract dogs on the prowl, two builders trestles.
 A metal larder with a pleasant pheasant sticker on it.
 A load of crap.
 Two anorexic lampshades.
And lastly a pair of chairs with rickets.
That's all for now,you can carry on posing. thank you very much.

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