Monday, 20 May 2013

 Beloved readers, next time you go into your garden to water your prize Delphiniums, spare a thought for the humble watering can. Is yours a rather poorly designed plastic version from the nearest D.I.Y. megastore, or perhaps you use something even worse that you've picked up from a carboot sale for sixpence?
Then fear not, because we've got something rather special for you.
Bugle enterprises are delighted to offer you for a limited period only these fabulous vintage versions at a very reasonable price (plus vat).
Can you imagine the looks of envy from your neighbours, when you walk down the garden path holding one of these little beauties?
Each one comes with a free (yes free!) handle and spout to make the task that much easier, and every can is personally endorsed by our own in-house gardener Patty O Potts.
So don't hesitate, buy now while stocks last. Simply call the Watering Can hotline on Bugle 1212.
Good luck and thank you ever so much.

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