Sunday, 19 May 2013

 Good day to you beloved readers, as promised our latest selection of wonderfully important finds, starting with this splendid bathroom cabinet, the more eagle eyed will have spotted the luxury leather sofa and Welsh blanket in the reflection of the glass, these are not for sale at the moment, but perhaps one day..
 A lovely gilt frame highlighting the letters LD.
 A mysterious portrait with an inscription on the back saying "to Jenny, sweet dreams with love Garm" Personally I wouldn't care to dream about this chap, although for all we know he could be a delightful man.
 A wooden air plane manufactured by Adventure Playthings.
 Please note the handy storage facility for children to store their pencils, cigarettes or cans of super strength cider.
 And lastly a very groovy funky retro revolving bookcase.
This slightly blurred image illustrates it in action. Why not fill it with heavy books and spin it with great gusto, then watch the whole family howl with delight as they fly across the room smashing your best bone china tea set and nearly decapitating the dog.
Once again I thank you.


  1. Hello,

    Just discovered your very entertaining blog and had an enjoyable afternoon reading it. Wish we were in the market to buy some of your amazing wares!!
    We love everything you're doing.
    Best wishes
    Amanda and Gary

  2. Great to hear from you, how did you find The Bugle?