Friday, 17 May 2013

 It's been some time since our last post beloved readers and we do apologise, we've been having a bit of a re-shuffle here at Bugle HQ, but now we're back and the world's most widely read blog is better than ever. As you can see we recently went to the bottom of the Bugle garden and picked some ripe fruits off the Bric a brac tree (or crappus collectabilis as it's known in the Latin).
Lets begin with this wonderful 1930's shop display model.
 Here's a side view so that you can appreciate her superb assets.
 Ever dreamt of owning your own public lavatory? Why not purchase this magnificent enamel sign, then all you need to do is find a suitable premises.
 These industrial swivel chairs are very popular with the young set at the moment.
 A very rare and important hand decorated mirror depicting a gentleman on horseback.
 This lucky person went to Cortina in 1959 on a skiing holiday...
 And was so impressed they painted the view on their suitcase.
 A bit of pop art.
 A bit more.
 A squirrel target, poor chap!
 A gorgeous 1950's dining table.
And last but by no means least a desk lamp.
Well that's it for now, but don't despair we'll be back soon (or will we?)
Thank you very much indeed.

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