Monday, 26 August 2013

 Beloved readers, before we get the ball rolling today, we'd just like to thanks Mrs C Worthy of  Penzance for a handy tip when using our hat stand for drying dinner plates, she suggests Gaffer taping them to the stand after they've been rinsed to avoid any nasty accidents, a splendid idea indeed Mrs Worthy!
 Today as you are fully aware beloved readers is a bank holiday, the last bank holiday before the festive season and traditionally it's the time of year when crowds of halfwits from the city descend upon Bugleland in their flash German convertibles or hideous 4x4's towing jet ski's and then proceed to scare the life out of every decent person on the beach. Well this year dear friends may we suggest a few pleasant alternatives..
 Why not have a stroll and look at some old buildings.
 Buy some smart new shoes.
 Have a cigarette.
 Lay in a field and stare at the sky.
Or even do as this delightful cat has done, stay in bed.
Thank you so much.

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