Sunday, 25 August 2013

 Beloved readers, how are you all, are you keeping well? Yes we're back and it's lovely to see you. Just recently we had an enquiry from two devout readers (who shall remain anonymous) as to why we had been absent for so long,we apologise and all we can say is that after several millions of pounds donated by private investors we are back and better and stronger than ever.
Let's get the ball rolling with some recent finds starting above with this incredibly rare modernist plywood table.
 A large anglepoise lamp illuminating the word Noel.
 A case which once possibly contained garments belonging to the Girl Guides or perhaps even the remains of an actual Girl Guide.
 A hat stand for hats. This could have a million and one uses, for example..If you've had twenty people around for morning coffee and biscuits and you can't be bothered to dry the mugs, simply rinse each one under the tap and hang them on the stand to dry. Alternatively if you've had twenty people around for afternoon tea and cake, put the saucers back in the china cabinet, rinse the cups and hang them on the stand to dry. (Make sure that the cake is served on paper plates as these can be simply placed in the rubbish bin or thrown out of the car window on your way to the office).
A late 50's picture depicting a march in London by the British communist party, and look there's Noel again!
A highly polished sphere, why not purchase this and impress your dinner guests when you tell them it's a recent work by Anish Kapoor. Can't be bothered to dry the dishes after the party?....
A very old Dettol tin on a very old stepladder.
And here's a close up of the tin, we're rather fond of the sword.
That's yer lot, bugger off!!
Thank you.

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