Monday, 7 January 2013

 Hello once again beloved readers, the response to our last post was incredible, so to keep  both our readers happy here are some more delightful pictures. Above you'll notice little Janet, she's trying to keep a brave face after her mother knitted her a hideous bonnet for her birthday, when all she really wanted was a new dolly.
 Mr Ramsbottom is saying to little Timmy "it'll be a lot easier if you open the page you idiot!"
 Brenda is teaching little Norman to ride his horse whilst relinquishing the reins, a foolish move Brenda, if the park keeper sees you there could be trouble!
 Gladys has noticed she's three weeks behind with the rent, eviction for you young lady!
And lastly chief inspector Cuthbertson of Sidcup CID is about to have a word with young Ronalds father about stealing Mrs Golightly's plums. This could be serious.
Thank you so much.

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