Sunday, 13 January 2013

 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, stop what you're doing this instant and gather around the nearest monitor to witness what your Bugle has sourced for you personally today. A day so cold that seasoned carbooters were freezing to the spot, and the organisers had to spray them with gently warmed antifreeze so they could continue on their mission. Let's begin above with this splendid example of pre-war folk art constructed of ancient Meccano.
 Continuing with this glorious chrome and ceramic teapot.
 What appears to be initially a very plain 1960's demob suitcase...
 Is suddenly transformed into a piece of very rare and important post-war folk art. Are you aware this could be the only example of its kind in the whole universe?
 A stonking great wicker basket, big enough to dismember someone who's getting on your tits or provide a huge hamper of comestibles for a wonderful family picnic, (when the weather improves).
And lastly a lonely little Ercol  table, poor thing. He needs a loving home and never forget,an Ercol table is for life, not just for Christmas.
Thank you so very much.

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