Saturday, 5 January 2013

 Good day to you beloved readers, after a serious bout of can't be arsed itis your Bugle is back, fully refreshed and ready to look the new year full in the face.
 We are going to start with this splendid publication. And concentrate on the images contained within the book.
 This child is saying to her adoring mother.."look mama isn't that your evil sister and her daughter sitting by that hedge?"
 And as you can witness she's correct.
This attractive young woman is thinking.."why there's Albert from the pork pie factory, if I adopt this glamorous pose he might notice me".
 And here is Albert looking at a pair of tits on the branch of a poplar tree. I think she'd like to get her hands on his Melton Mowbray.
 Here we see an elderly lady, somewhere in her mid thirties I'd say.
 And here we see her mother about to garotte her husband who's been driving her up the wall for years.
 These two fellows are just having a rub down after a session in the local bath house, make sure you remove that lipstick before you leave chaps!
 This charming child is showing her mother a delightful seashell she's just found on the beach..
 And this fellow me lad along with his dog is enjoying the freedom of the seaside. (He'll be enjoying a bit more freedom if he goes into the water wearing those trunks).
 This little chap is obviously destined for a career in the fashion industry, and as is evident from this photo he's already instructed his mummy to knit him a delightful onesie.
Thank you so very much.

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