Saturday, 19 January 2013

 Good morning beloved readers, although the weather has been most unpleasant (unless you're a polar bear,) your Bugle has still been on the road sourcing interesting and important items. What's this I hear you ask?
 Well it could be all manner of things, a means of transporting your pet ferret or rat, a container for your delicious packed lunch or extra smelly cheese, or even a very hip overnight bag, (but remember to remove the cheese first).
 These holes can be closed by a sliding mechanism, so if you tire of your pet ferret or rat...
 I don't normally buy these as a rule but I let my heart rule my head, and I broke my unwritten rule, but it's a nice rule don't you think?
 Now just look below readers isn't this wonderful? It's a very rare piece of Russian constructivist sculpture..
 It represents the modern age, the machine age, the dawn of a new day, a socialist utopia.

 These are the factory and studio marks...
 Do you know the artist? He goes by his constructivist name Y Knott Popover 4T.
Thank you so very very much.

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