Saturday, 2 March 2013

 Beloved readers, the carboot beast has recently shat in our our garden and here are a selection of his droppings beginning with these glorious industrial type folding chairs. Perfect for a W.I. meeting, trendy London kaff or a picnic, (if you've got lots of friends.).

 A groovy 70's Italian chandelier.
 A tiny sentry box for a tiny sentry.
 An incredibly rare and important antique mirror in the Rococo style.
 A 1950's Belling oven and pressure cooker.
 Just look at that interior, perfect!
 A danger sign.
 Our favourite finds this week
 Three of Mr Goddards splendid terrier beds.
 A wonderful wall cabinet just back from our restorers.
 A very stylish Italian occasional table
 A huge picnic baskets for huge picnics, (if you've got lots of friends or a small number of greedy ones).
 A 1930's picnic case, for a small picnic or a large picnic if no ones very hungry.
 A delightful dolly,
And last but by no means least a couple of old hangers. Phew!.
Thank you so much.

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