Monday, 18 March 2013

 With torrential rain, gale force winds and an elderly gentleman and his wife spotted in our local pet shop buying two of every animal they had in stock, the signs were not good. But we dipped our fingers in the carboot lucky bag and here's what we found starting above with a Georgian key cupboard for Georgian keys.
 A box with holes in it, possibly for ferrets or smelly cheese. (For health and safety purposes it is advisable not to store liquids in it.).
 A Bjorn Wimblad wall plaque, or a dinner plate if you're a poser..
 Two very ancient landing/butterfly/apple picking nets.
 They could also be nets for nuts, but gentlemen be careful not to catch your nuts in these nets, and because of their age you'd be nuts to use these nets for nuts.
 An ancient surveying tool for surveying ancient buildings...
 Or perhaps modernist ones too...
 We like this.
 An old paint box full of old paints.
 And lastly a delightful four panelled screen.
 Sanderson William Morris methinks.
Thank you ever so much.

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