Sunday, 17 March 2013

This morning beloved readers I thought we'd take a look at some smart knitwear for the spring, the young couple above are looking most attractive in their new sweaters.
 The farmer who feeds his animals must be a bit of a misery...
 Stanton here has just made a lewd suggestion to Marjorie, and she seems quite keen, but by the time she's struggled to get that heavy knitted dress off she'll be too knackered to do anything.
 This is Yolanda from South London, she's always felt apart from her friends, but  mama has knitted her a smart hoodie and now she's part of the gang. Crack anyone?
 Sherwood is chastising his son Quinton for listening in on his conversation, and at the same time advising him to remove that ridiculous hat.
 Juanita has just whispered in Bertram's ear to behave himself or the restraining straps are going back on.
And here's Audrey proudly showing off her new teeth. Thank you.

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