Sunday, 31 March 2013

 Good morning beloved readers, or if you're reading this in the afternoon, good afternoon beloved readers, or even in the evening, etc etc...We set off at 4am this morning in our trusty Buglemobile with the thermometer registering a temperature of minus five, and here's what we found beginning above with this smart poster.
 A nice pair of vintage Canadian work boots (size eight).
 A rather nice still life, and on the back..
 This rather nice ad.
 A metal spice rack for your spices.
 A galvanised water tank, perfect if your galvanised water tank is knackered, or a smart and trendy industrial planter for your plants, or even a fish tank for aggressive goldfish.
 A 1930's table football game.
 This is nice. Looking like a Paolozzi sculpture, a 1950's resuscitation dummy.

Thank you ever so much.

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