Tuesday, 18 February 2014

 Hello readers, just recently we've been reading about the spiraling house prices in London, and how overseas investors are greedily gobbling up all the properties forcing young people to pay ridiculous amount for grotty old flats and semi's in fashionable parts of town. Our research team have done some important research into how much £350.000 will buy in Bugleland. And here we have a typical four bedroom detached house with garage and spacious garden. Nice but I,m sure you'll agree rather boring.
 On the other hand here's what half a million will get you in Hackney. First up this stunning detached studio apartment with splendid views over the ammonia works.
 Or there's this fantastic 1960's house on a raised concrete plinth. A wonderful example of brutilism.
Lastly this incredible tree house designed by the renowned Danish architect Bent Spanner.
The choice is yours dear readers, but don't hesitate they're selling fast!
Thank you so much.

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