Tuesday, 16 October 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, above and below you will see foodstuffs that many will consider to be beneficial to a healthy mind and body. But with winter's icy grip just around the corner ask yourself, "will some bird seed and a bowl of gone off milk protect me from the cold?" And of course the answer is no!
 What we see below is the type of delicious food we should be devouring every day, with it's high saturate fat content it's guaranteed to help you increase your mass enabling you to stand up to the beastly weather.
 And don't forget it's important not to become dehydrated as this will confuse the mind leading to bouts of extreme barmyness. Strong ale is the answer, after several of these you will be numbed, thus preventing you from feeling the inclement weather, it will help you to get a good nights sleep, and you will feel wonderful in the morning.
Today's post was bought to you by The Bugle institute of nutrition.
Thank you.

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