Saturday, 27 October 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, today for your enjoyment we have a series of short publications for ladies only, although the stories won't exactly qualify for The Booker prize, the cover illustrations are splendid, beginning above with what sounds like a Queen single.
 He's spent all night trying to ward her off.
 This poor woman is being bullied dreadfully by this awful couple.
This chap took his girlfriend in the fog and mist.
 She's saying, "darling could you nip to the bar and get me a packet of pork scratchings".
 This could be rhyming slang.
 This angelic looking chap has had enough, he's about to produce a shot gun from his inside pocket and blow her head off.
 He looks like he enjoys being dominated.
 This poor unfortunate creature is powerless to prevent her hubby from knocking off another woman.
 She thinking..."next time I'm using Eurostar".
 This chap is a complete perv, he's making pleasant conversation with this woman whilst trying to steal her gloves.
 No wonder this woman looks startled, so would you if some weirdo in a cravat stepped out of a cave.
This pretty woman is thinking "shall I nick the red or blue dress", unaware the handsome store detective is watching her.
Thank you.

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