Sunday, 21 October 2012

 Beloved readers, due to the very nature and extremely high quality of this weekends purchases, The Bognor Bugle International institute of stability recommends that you remain seated whilst reading todays post. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin with the above Identity card dating from 1942.
This ration book supplement belongs to Mr William Herring of Mitchum in Surrey, and he will be told how and when to use it. (He sounds a bit fishy to me).
 Next up a rather interesting book about the erection of the Berlin wall.(That gentleman looks like he might be spending a penny to me).
 Some lucky dice.
 Splendid letter punches.
 A constructivist carrier bag for your Prokofiev records.
 A delightful scene of 1950's New York.
 And last but by no means least an extending ladder by Gravity Ladders of London.
 This must be of pre-war origins because we manufacture bugger all now.
More tomorrow.
Thank you.

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