Monday, 29 October 2012

 Good morning to you beloved readers, here's a few little finds for you to enjoy whilst partaking of your morning beverage starting above with this splendid vintage desk top organiser (with draws). and two of the most handsome wicker in/out trays you'll ever see.
 Lets have a closer look, aren't they delightful?
 A pair of hand knitted Aran sweaters.
 A metal box belonging to Joseph Crookes who apparently had problems with timekeeping.
 A modernist toy garage with working lift.
 A set of bar skittles.
 A film poster, (I don't find anything remotely funny about these four, do you?)
And lastly a full (very full) chested figurehead.
Thank you. Today your Bugle is conducting a very important survey, tune in tomorrow for the results. Thank you once again.

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