Monday, 22 October 2012

 Good morning beloved readers, now are you comfortably seated? Are you sure? Good, now lets begin with a pair of wonderful framed posters depicting the work of Alphonse Mucha, these were expertly framed by the long gone high street shop Athena, (replaced probably by a coffee bar or charity shop). These rare and delightful pictures will be on sale at Spitalfields antiques market this Thursday and won't cost mucha.
 Next up a delightful gilded overmantel mirror, whats that rather phallic looking object reflected in it?
 Cor blimey missus, here it is!
It's ok readers, its simply an ancient mooring post from Portmouth naval dockyard, just think of the ships that could have been tethered to it... The Mary Rose, The Victory, The Titanic, The battleship Potemkin, The Bismarck, The Brittania, The 12.15 to the Isle of Wight. Yes beloved readers the list is endless. Thank you.

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