Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thank you once again for following The Bognor Bugle beloved readers, today I'd like to present to you our very latest finds, beginning with above a superb swivel desk chair.
 Moving swiftly on to a splendid sewing box with the most magnificent interior. (I simply couldn't be bothered to photograph it).
 Next, and this will surely delight my good friend Mr John Andrews of Andrews of Arcadia, a Goddards patent terrier bed.
 We now move on to our lighting section, starting with a fine enamelled shade and its fittings.
 A Pifco infra red lamp, (which can be easily converted into a desk lamp, if you can be bothered).
 A selection of floral shades, (aren't they gorgeous readers?).
 Two poncey Italian trays.
 A concrete planter, with original moss.
 A Morny bathroom set.
 Incredibly rare and important 17th century solid gold candlesticks.
 Jack & Jill falling down the hill, (or folk art as we like to call it).
 And lastly a couple of Victorian prints. (Can you see the reflection of my garage door in the one above?)
Thank you.

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